Elaine Rose Flanagan
Member of The Complementary Therapists Association

ITEC trained, qualified since 2009, I can provide treatments either in my clinic or in your own home.

Reflexology is not diagnostic, it will complement traditional medicine and can assist many conditions which affect the body's systems:

  - Skeletal - bones, joints

  - Muscular -  muscles, diaphragm

  - Circulatory - heart, blood circulation

  - Lymphatic - secondary circulation, lymph nodes/ducts 

  - Nervous  - brain, spine, central nervous system

  - Endocrine - glands

  - Reproductive - uterus, ovaries, testes

  - Digestive - stomach, intestines, appendix

  - Respiratory - lungs, trachea, bronchi, sinuses

  - Urinary - kidneys, ureter, bladder

Reflexology will encourage the body to heal itself, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce mental stress and increase energy levels.

Reflexology is a safe natural therapy which can ease symptoms of the following, but not exhaustive, list of examples:


Anxiety                   allergies                        angina                       asthma                       arthritis                    back pain               bronchitis              bereavement               colds and flu            chronic fatigue syndrome (ME)                 colitis                    cystitis                    eczema/dermatitis      fluid retention         fungal infection        headache                  hay fever                     high blood pressure                                   indigestion               insomnia                    knee problems         leg problems             menopausal problems                              menstruation problems                             neck pain                   psoriasis                      shingles                   thyroid problems      ulcers

Stress is an unavoidable part of today's lifestyle.  Reflexology is known to induce relaxation and calm.  Symptoms of stress may include:

  - Sleep disorders

  - Tired and emotional

  - Lack of concentration

  - Negative thoughts


all of which can cause an imbalance in your body.

Reflexology will help to reduce the effects of stress, by calming the sympathetic nervous system, leaving you in a calmer relaxed state.

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